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Title: Hard to Get: Chapter 2
Pairing/Characters: Kitayama/Fujigaya, Yara, Senga
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Hooker au.
Notes: This chapter is very much NSFW. So far this AU is following my plans for it... Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks to [ profile] orangegreenlove who puts up with my fic tantrums. ♥
Summary: Fujigaya is a very exclusive prostitute. His clients pay a fortune for a chance to touch him, but there's one rule: don't fall in love. Those who break the rule never get to see him again.

“Oh, fuck,” Fujigaya moans. He feels Kitayama spread him open even wider with his thumbs as he pounds into him roughly from behind.

It’s been three months since Kitayama became his client. Normally, that would make this their third or fourth meeting, but Kitayama is different. He was surprised at first to see Kitayama’s name in his schedule every week, the guys that Fujigaya ends up taking on as clients usually can’t afford that. The rich ones have all turned out to be stuck up pricks that Fujigaya can’t stand after the first date.

Fujigaya drops down to his elbows and tries to balance as he reaches between his legs to touch himself. “Mitsu...” he whines when Kitayama grabs his wrist and twists it behind his back.

“What? Don’t think you can do it this way?” Kitayama taunts.

“Well, if you were a better fuck, maybe it wouldn’t be so har- AH!” Fujigaya screams as Kitayama changes his angle and pounds into him even more roughly. The hand gripping his hip is the only thing keeping Fujigaya in place when he overbalances and falls on his face.

“That’s it,” Kitayama coaxes, grinning when he feels Fujigaya tighten from his voice. “You’re so needy for my cock.”

“Shut up,” Fujigaya gasps.

“Come for me,” Kitayama groans, and although Fujigaya will never admit to Kitayama that he’s probably the best fuck he’s ever had, it’s the depth of Kitayama’s voice during sex that sends shivers down his spine and sends him over the edge.

He’s still gasping for air as Kitayama pulls out and starts grabbing at him. Fujigaya just lets himself be yanked around, not fully in control of his limbs again yet. He ends up lying on top of Kitayama, straddling his waist, and the hands running along his sides send aftershocks down his spine. Everything feels good. He throws his head back and moans when Kitayama squeezes his ass and spreads him open again.

“You’re not done yet,” Kitayama says, nipping at Fujigaya’s throat.

Before Fujigaya can figure out what he means, Kitayama has him sliding down onto his cock again and Fujigaya belatedly realizes that the other is still hard.

Kitayama pushes at Fujigaya until he’s sitting up, sliding hands up his torso to thumb at his nipples. “Move,” he growls.

Fujigaya doesn’t need to be told twice before he starts to move. This is his favorite position. He feels completely in control and takes pride in his technique. However, when Kitayama bucks his hips up roughly, he needs to put his hands on Kitayama’s chest to catch himself and he finds himself loving how sex with Kitayama is always a fight for dominance.

“Aren’t you close yet?” Fujigaya asks, clawing at Kitayama’s chest.

“Having a hard time keeping up, Taisuke? Maybe we need to work on your stamina,” Kitayama grins, wrapping his fingers around Fujigaya’s reawakening length.

“I don’t have to work on anything with you,” Fujigaya complains, trying not to give in to the way Kitayama is working him back to full hardness.

“Oh?” Kitayama raises an eyebrow. He pulls Fujigaya off of his cock and rolls them back over. He pins Fujigaya’s wrists down to the bed with one hand and snaps the condom off, pumping himself a few times before coming on Fujigaya’s stomach. Once he comes down from his high, he releases Fujigaya’s wrists and collapses on top of him, ignoring the way that Fujigaya is swearing up a storm and complaining about the mess.

“You jackass!” Fujigaya spits out. “Why the hell did you get me hard again if you weren’t going to finish me??”

“So noisy,” Kitayama yawns. “I was going to, but you said you don’t need to work on stamina.”

“Well, then move so I can finish myself,” Fujigaya growls, shoving at Kitayama’s shoulders.

“Don’t wanna,” Kitayama says sleepily.

“Don’t you dare fall asleep on me, you ass. You’re the worst client ever! Most people WANT to watch me get off!”

“Already saw that once today. Shut up already,” Kitayama says, turning his head to capture Fujigaya’s lips.

Fujigaya’s complaints are muffled as he instinctively sucks on Kitayama’s tongue in his mouth. He lets out a groan when Kitayama shifts, putting a knee between his legs and Fujigaya desperately rubs up against it.

Kitayama trails his fingers along Fujigaya’s collar bone and pulls away to hear the noises the other man is making. He licks at Fujigaya’s ear and whispers, “You should get a few more piercings on your ear.”

“Not into people tugging at my earrings. Besides, I’m not a host. That’s a little too trashy for my taste,” Fujigaya frowns.

Kitayama trails his fingers down Fujigaya’s chest and chuckles. “I can think of an even trashier piercing.”

“If you’re suggesting that I pierce my dick, I swear-”

“Relax, princess,” Kitayama cuts off. He lowers himself to lick and nip at Fujigaya’s navel, cleaning up some of his mess in the process. “Think about how good it’d feel to have a piercing here for me to play with. I bet the bar would feel so good on my tongue.”

“Fuck,” Fujigaya swears, shivering at the thought. “Hurry up and get me off already!”

Kitayama grins and wraps his fingers around Fujigaya’s length again, stroking it a few times before rolling on a condom.

“Mitsu...” Fujigaya whines when he feels Kitayama’s tongue working at his tip through the thin barrier. He works fingers into Kitayama’s hair and tugs when he feels himself hit the back of Kitayama’s throat.

It’s not like he’s never gotten a blow job before, especially in his line of work, but his clients usually like to be on the receiving end of blow jobs. There have been a few that showed interest in doing it before, but quickly changed their minds after finding out that he required a condom for that as well. Apparently other men don’t find the taste of latex very enticing.

Fujigaya cries out as Kitayama shoves two condom-sheathed fingers back into his ass and immediately begins to rub at his prostate. He feels Kitayama relax his jaw and throat and takes the affirmative noise that he makes as permission to start thrusting up roughly, using the hand in Kitayama’s hair to hold him in place.

Kitayama doesn’t ease up on his prostate, even after Fujigaya’s body clenches as he starts to come. He pulls his fingers out and lifts up his head to wipe his mouth with the back of his clean hand once Fujigaya releases his grip on his hair.

“You’re welcome,” Kitayama smirks, voice slightly hoarse. He runs his fingers along Fujigaya’s rim before sticking a finger in again. “Loose,” he comments.

“Who’s fault is that, you asshole,” Fujigaya snaps back, aftershocks running through his body.

“I’m glad you think I have suck a big dick,” Kitayama grins, pulling his finger back out.

“Go fuck yourself,” Fujigaya rolls his eyes, tying up the condom and dropping it into the waste basket.

“If only,” Kitayama sighs and Fujigaya groans into his pillow.

Kitayama flops down next to Fujigaya and Fujigaya doesn’t even bother trying to send him home. He’s already learned that Kitayama isn’t going anywhere right after sex and he’ll be lucky if Kitayama’s even awake for another five minutes.

When Kitayama’s breathing evens out, Fujigaya rolls over and contemplates whether or not it’s too soon to go back to his own apartment to sleep. He jumps in surprise when he feels Kitayama press against his back, an arms snaking around his waist.

“Think about it,” Kitayama says against the nape of his neck, fingers grazing over Fujigaya’s stomach and voice groggy and low.

Fujigaya lies there for a little thinking about how it would feel to have Kitayama playing with his navel ring before he decides that it’s been long enough and wiggles out of Kitayama’s arms to leave.


Kitayama flops down onto the pile of practice mats with a scowl. Yokoo really needs to stop waking him up at the ass crack of dawn. Holding off on changing the sheets for a few hours wouldn’t kill anyone.

“Well, aren’t you just a bundle of sunshine today,” Yara jokes. “Is it Thursday again already?”

“Jealous of my Wednesdays, Yara-senpai?”

“Yeah, right. Unlike you, I have more than one hump day,” Yara grins.

Kitayama groans. “If you don’t mind, I was going to take a nap before rehearsal.”

“Guess you don’t want to hear my offer then,” Yara says, turning to walk away. “Too bad. The pay was decent, too. Maybe Ken-chan will want it.”

“Job offer?” Kitayama sits up, raising an eyebrow. “Continue.”

“Caught your interest, did I?” Yara laughs, turning back around. “ I got offered a job to choreograph and put together an entire production, but I’m tied up with other gigs and can’t take it. Thought you might be interested. There’s even room in the budget for you to take an assistant along.”

“How long?” Kitayama asks.

“Steady income for three months,” Yara winks. “So how about it?”

“I’ll take it. Thanks, senpai,” Kitayama says, already lying back down. He vaguely registers Yara mentioning something about kouhai these days and something about needing a hump day of his own before drifting off.


“Ken-chan,” Kitayama calls out just as the younger man is about to walk out of the door.

Senga perks up at the sound of his name and parts with his friends before jogging over to Kitayama with his bag.

“Yeah, Kitamitsu?” Senga asks, all smiles as his favorite senpai rustles his hair.

“What are you up to for the next three months?” Kitayama asks. Yara had joked about giving the job to Senga, but it’s true that Senga would’ve been Kitayama’s next choice as well.

“Nothing special,” Senga replies, looking up at the ceiling like it has his calendar written on it.

“Good. You’re helping me for the next three months.”

“Eh? Job?” Senga asks excitedly.

Kitayama just nods and laughs as Senga practically tackles him in excitement.

Senga has the ability to handle jobs like this, they just don’t ever come to him because he’s still considered too young, despite being almost 23. Jobs that have a budget to allow assistants don’t come by very often either, so it’s no surprise that Senga’s excited. Also, it’s no secret that Kitayama is Senga’s favorite senpai, even if the fact that Senga has a crush on him is.

Kitayama ends up letting Senga treat him to dinner as thanks, never mind that it’s just ramen and gyoza, and Kitayama takes him home, picking up some beer along the way. Two hours later, Senga is passed out on the floor.

Kitayama covers Senga with a blanket and drops a pillow his face, chuckling when Senga bats at the pillow in his sleep before rolling over. It’s nice to have people over once in a while. His spacious apartment is nice, but it gets too quiet for his taste sometimes. Recently, Kitayama’s been tossing around the idea of getting a dog, but with the choreography gig he just got, now might not be a good time.

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