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Title:  KISS FOR U

Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2

Characters/Pairings: NiSen

Rating: PG

Author's Notes:  Drabbles originally posted here and here at 

“Nika~” Senga called out in a sing-song voice.

Nikaido grunted as he rolled over and cracked an eye open to look at the other, mind still hazy from sleep. “Let me sleep...” he complained.

“Wake up...” Senga pouted, rolling Nikaido over and straddling his hips. 

“...what? No ‘good morning‘ kiss?” Nikaido smirked lazily.

Senga smiled and leaned over, capturing the other’s lips in a sweet kiss.

Nikaido let out a sigh, wrapping his arms around Senga’s neck, and kissing back.

Nikaido smiled at his boyfriend as the parted slightly, “good morning Kenpi.”

“Morning~” Senga giggled, “KISS FOR U.”

Title: S.O.KISS

Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2

Characters/Pairings: NiSen

Rating: PG

Author's Notes:  Late drabble for Nika's birthday? :D    Warning for Senga having no idea what the "S.O." in "S.O.KISS" stands for. 

Senga bounced over to Nikaido when they took a break for lunch. “Happy birthday Nika~” he said for the billionth time since they woke up that morning. He threw his arms around his boyfriend and kissed him.

Nikaido smiled into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around the other’s waist. He licked at Senga’s lips and the younger man readily parted them.

“Ken-chan~” Fujigaya interrupted, “Can I get a kiss too?”

Nikaido broke the kiss, tightening his hold and glaring at Fujigaya.

“Sorry~ ‘S.O. KISS’!”


Senga playfully stuck out his tongue. “‘Sold Out KISS’~”


Nikaido opened his front door to find his boyfriend smiling at him and holding up a plastic bag.

“I brought sushi!” Senga exclaimed.

Nikaido smiled, “Thanks for dinner Kenpi~” He pulled the other inside, letting the door close, and kissed him before grabbing the package and leading Senga to the living room.

“Itadakimasu~” they both called out after settling down.

Senga shoved a piece of maguro in his mouth and pecked his boyfriend on the cheek before swallowing. “‘S.O.KISS~’”

“Kenpi... I don’t think ‘Sold Out KISS’ works in...”

“Not ‘Sold Out KISS’ silly~” Senga interrupted, “‘Sushi Ouji KISS’~”

Title: Eien no Chiketto

Fandom: Kis-My-Ft2

Characters/Pairings: NiSen

Rating: PG

Author's Notes: Warning for the strange interpretation of the song title and Senga being ridiculous.

“Nika I have a surprise for you~” Senga exclaimed.

“What is it?” Nikaido asked. The surprise wasn’t any less of a mystery when Senga handed him a stack of, what seemed to be, index cards all strung together. “...What is it?” he repeated, a confused look crossing his face.

“Look at it!”

All of the cards said,‘Ticket for 1 Hug, Kiss, or Sleepover' except for the last one, which read ‘Ticket for 1 more Ticket Book’.

“‘Eien no Chiketto’~”

Nikaido smiled and handed Senga 2 tickets before wrapping his arms around the other and sweetly capturing his lips.


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