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Title: Hard to Get: Chapter 1
Pairing/Characters: Kitayama/Fujigaya, Yokoo
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Hooker au.
Notes: This is the first chapter to my first ever chaptered fic! :O I came up with this AU as soon as I asked for prompt ideas and I... have no idea where it came from. I have a feeling that [ profile] orangegreenlove is going to have to hold my hand through this whole process... Summary is also courtesy of her. orz
1987 is the year Fujigaya was born.
Summary: Fujigaya is a very exclusive prostitute. His clients pay a fortune for a chance to touch him, but there's one rule: don't fall in love. Those who break the rule never get to see him again.

It’s smaller than he imagined. He thought that people had exaggerated when they mentioned its size. The bar is quiet and dimly lit with just a few seats, 5 to be exact, all at the counter. There aren’t any customers and, if he didn’t know any better, he would wonder how the place made any money. Kitayama settles himself into the seat that is second to the right. According to his sources, he won’t be able to get any information out of the bartender from any other seat. He immediately orders a glass 1987 red wine, another condition for getting information, and takes the opportunity to size up the bartender.

He’s dressed in a standard black and white uniform, black apron tied around his waist, dark, jet black hair, and a face worth looking at. There doesn’t seem to be anything strange about this bartender at first glance, but there’s a mysterious air swirling around him, mixed with something a little dangerous. It gives Kitayama the chills.

“So, I hear you’re the keeper of a cute little kitten,” Kitayama says nonchalantly when the bartender slides him his glass of wine. There’s no one else in the bar to overhear their conversation, but Kitayama treads cautiously, keeping his guard up.

“He can be quite adorable at times, I guess,” the bartender grins, and Kitayama swears he catches a hint of fang.

“I’m sure,” Kitayama replies, taking a sip of his wine. He’s not usually much of a wine drinker, preferring beer himself, but it’s not bad. “What do I have to do in order to meet this kitten of yours?”

“Got a business card on you?” the bartender asks. “He’s not exactly the easiest in the world to meet. You’re going to have to pass a few tests. Still interested?”

“The fact the he’s not easy is part of his appeal, no?” Kitayama says, pulling out a business card and sliding it towards the bartender.

“I suppose you’re right about that. Kitayama Hiromitsu,” the bartender reads and Kitayama nods in confirmation. “I’m Yokoo Wataru. So you’re a dancer?”

“And choreographer. I coach a kids’ soccer team during soccer season as well.”

“That would explain the legs. And the ass,” Yokoo says, and Kitayama raises an eyebrow. “I actually pay attention when people walk into my bar.”

“I see. It’s not the first time people have taken notice,” Kitayama grins smugly. He downs the rest of his wine before asking, “Anything else you needed? I need to get going for the night.”

“Just a quick picture,” Yokoo replies, pulling his phone out of his back pocket and snapping a shot of Kitayama’s smug grin. “If you passed this first test, you’ll be hearing from me by the end of this week.”

Kitayama places money down on the counter, gathering his things. He struts towards the door without a word and gestures to Yokoo before heading out into the shadows of the night.


He had heard about Fujigaya through a grapevine of connections. “He isn’t your typical whore,” they would say. “He’s hard to get in bed with, but when you do, it’s so worth it.” His sources had been telling the truth. Yokoo had needed to do a background check on Kitayama and a week later, he was contacted to set up an appointment for a shopping date. Kitayama could’ve slept with another hooker a dozen times by now, but it was this “hard to get” quality that piqued his interest.

“Watta told me about those legs and ass,” says the man sitting on the counter when he walks into the bar. He’s dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, black boots, and a simple black v-neck shirt. Kitayama notices a fox tail clipped to a belt loop on the man’s jeans, and judging by his long, fluffy hair and distinctive bangs, Kitayama safely assumes that this man is Fujigaya Taisuke.

“Oh? Well I’ve heard about that ridiculous hair of yours as well, Fujigaya,” Kitayama smirks, eyes taking in the sight before him.

“Fuck you,” Fujigaya frowns, pulling the lollipop he had been sucking out of his mouth and using it to point at Kitayama. “I’ll have you know, my clients usually love the long hair!”

“Must be an acquired taste,” Kitayama grins.

“Watta!!” Fujigaya whines to Yokoo who had been watching the whole exchange from behind the counter. “Do I really have to go on a date with this asshole?”

“It’s just a date, Taisuke. Don’t be such a baby. You always have something to complain about when you meet a new client,” Yokoo sighs. “You wanted him. He can still be dropped after today if you like,” he reminds, turning to give Kitayama a pointed look.

“I don’t want him anymore...” Fujigaya pouts like a 5 year-old, sticking the lollipop back in his mouth.

“Come on, princess,” Kitayama says. “The sooner we leave, the sooner it’ll be over with.”

“Taisuke,” Yokoo says after Fujigaya hops off the counter. “Don’t forget to call me if you need anything.”

“Yeah, right,” Fujigaya scoffs, rolling his eyes. “Like you need me to call you first if anything remotely suspicious happens.”

“Kitayama,” Yokoo grins, flashing his fangs yet again. “Don’t do anything you’ll regret.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, Yokoo-san,” Kitayama winks. He steps outside and let’s Fujigaya lead the way to the shopping area, raising an eyebrow when Fujigaya heads straight into the Louis Vuitton store. Kitayama takes a seat on a cushioned bench in the middle of the store and chuckles as he watches Fujigaya move from display to display, looking at all of the new products like a kid in a candy store.

If Kitayama hadn’t been much interested before, he was certainly interested now. He hasn’t seen what Fujigaya is like in bed yet, but he wouldn’t be able to be so exclusive if he wasn’t any good. He definitely gives off that sex kitten vibe, though, and he has a childish, spoiled side that is almost endearing.

“Mitsu~,” Fujigaya calls out, gesturing for Kitayama to join him at one of the display cases and Kitayama raises an eyebrow at the affectionate nickname. As soon as Kitayama is next to him, Fujigaya points to a thick leather bracelet with the brand logo in multiple colors scattered all along the band and Kitayama is sure it costs way more than it’s worth. “Buy me that!”

“I’m sure I can find you a similar looking bracelet at Claire’s.”

“Please, Mitsu?” Fujigaya begs, putting his hands together and trying to make his eyes look big.

“Forget it,” Kitayama laughs.

Fujigaya pouts, not used to being told “no” by his clients. “Then,” Fujigaya starts, grabbing Kitayama’s wrist and dragging him to a different display, “will you buy me that white leather shoulder bag?”

“Isn’t that a lady’s bag?” Kitayama asks, shaking his head in response.

Fujigaya opens his mouth to argue, but just frowns when he notices that the sign does indeed say, “Women’s Purses.” He storms right out of the store when Kitayama starts laughing at his expense, drawing attention to the two of them. He doesn’t notice that Kitayama doesn’t even follow him into the next designer store until he notices the other walking into the store wearing a hat that he didn’t previously have.

“What the fuck!?” Fujigaya complains, trying not to cause another commotion. “We’re supposed to be on a date and you leave me by myself to go buy yourself a new hat??”

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Kitayama says, grinning at the way Fujigaya just bites his lip. “Come on, princess. I’ll make it up to you.” He gestures for Fujigaya to follow him out of the store and Fujigaya stands his ground stubbornly until he realizes that Kitayama really isn’t going to wait for him and follows, trying to make it look like he doesn’t care where they’re going.

Kitayama finally stops in front of a cafe and waits for Fujigaya to catch up. “You don’t want to change shopping districts, do you?” Kitayama asks when Fujigaya gets close enough.

“No way. We’re staying here today!” comes Fujigaya’s reply.

Kitayama just nods like he didn’t expect any different and steps into the cafe to talk to the hostess. After the two of them are seated, Fujigaya finally asks, “Why did you bring me to a cafe?”

“Order anything you want to drink,” Kitayama says.

“Your idea of making things up to me is to buy me a cup of coffee?” Fujigaya frowns.

“Well, if that’s your poison of choice,” he says, ordering their drinks from the waitress.

“You’re such a cheap-ass, you know that? You realize how much I charge for my services, don’t you? Although, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me after today,” Fujigaya scoffs after the waitress is long gone.

“I wonder about that,” Kitayama smiles, answering everything Fujigaya said at once.

Before Fujigaya can figure out which question Kitayama is replying to, the waitress returns with their drinks and a giant parfait that Fujigaya doesn’t remember ordering. Thanking the waitress, Kitayama nudges the parfait towards Fujigaya.


“I... Don’t like sweet things,” Fujigaya says, biting his lip again.

Kitayama grins and scoops a spoonful of the parfait, holding it up to Fujigaya’s lips. “Has anyone ever told you that you can’t tell a lie to save your life? It’s kind of cute.”

Fujigaya’s cheeks heat up. “Shut up...” he mumbles, eating the spoonful that Kitayama is holding out. He picks up a spoon and starts digging into the parfait on his own, trying hard not to show how much he really loves sweets. It’s hard to stay annoyed with Kitayama while eating one of his favorite desserts. When he glances up, he’s embarrassed to find that Kitayama is watching him with an attractive smile spread across his face and he tries to ignore the way his stomach flip flops.

Kitayama finally takes a bite of the parfait as well, expression changing to one that’s positively orgasmic. Fujigaya really shouldn’t be embarrassed by Kitayama’s expression considering what he does for a living, but they’re in public and Kitayama looks like he’s coming after getting the best blow job.

“Do you always look like you’re having sex when you eat?” Fujigaya asks, shoving a strawberry into his mouth.

“These aren’t sex faces,” Kitayama responds. “These are my food eating faces. Yokoo-san says that showing you my sex faces today is against the rules.”

“Whatever...” Fujigaya grumbles.

“Are you always grumpy like this during first dates with your clients?” Kitayama asks.

“No, usually they buy me things, so I’m in a better mood.”

“I bought you something,” Kitayama says.

“I’m talking about things that are a little more extravagant than coffee and a parfait,” Fujigaya frowns.

Kitayama just rolls his eyes, picking up the shopping bag that Fujigaya didn’t even notice he was carrying and hands it over.

Fujigaya pulls a pair of dark-wash jeans out of the bag, checking the size and brand before inspecting the style and cut. They’re low-rise with a boot leg cut. It’s even his favorite designer and exactly his size. “Kitayama, how did you...” he asks in awe.

“Dropped the nickname, did we?” Kitayama teases. “I guessed on the size, of course, but it looks like I was spot on. The jeans you’re wearing right now, it’s the same designer, right? That designer is pretty pricey, so I figured you must like them,” he smiles.

“Why wouldn’t you buy me anything I said I wanted though?” Fujigaya pouts.

“I don’t see you carrying a bag right now. And you have enough on your wrists as it is,” Kitayama points out.

“Thank you,” Fujigaya mumbles, honestly happy that Kitayama went out of the way to surprise him with something he figured he’d like instead of just buying whatever Fujigaya pointed to like everyone else does. When Kitayama spends the rest of the date letting Fujigaya talk a mile a minute and actually seems interested in what he’s saying, Fujigaya thinks that Kitayama is definitely different from the rest.

It’s still late afternoon when Kitayama takes Fujigaya back to Yokoo’s bar, but Fujigaya has another client tonight and Kitayama easily agrees to end a little early.

“The parfait was a good choice,” Yokoo greets as soon as they walk through the door.

“Gut feeling, really. I wouldn’t have know what to do if he actually hated sweets,” Kitayama shrugs, unsurprised that Yokoo had been keeping an eye on them. “See you next time, princess,” he says, kissing Fujigaya on the cheek.

“Rules, Kitayama,” Yokoo warns as Fujigaya makes a scandalized face.

“American greeting, Yokoo-san~” Kitayama shoots back.

“Who even said there’ll BE a next time??” Fujigaya lashes out.

“Oh, there will be a next time,” Kitayama winks. He exits the bar, closing the door on Fujigaya’s tantrum.

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Date: 2014-02-07 11:56 pm (UTC)
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*cheers* Ahh, I love this fic XD It's totally awesome.

Bitchy Gaya, smug Mitsu and mysterious Yokoo XDDD

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Date: 2014-02-08 12:17 am (UTC)
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Thank you~~~ ♥♥♥

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so much cute and the snarky banter between fujikita *______* amfbsjxvd.

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Haha! Thanks! I hope you'll keep reading until the end!

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OMG I love this already! Can't wait to read the next chapter.
Seriously, Mitsu is SO hot like that! And it's hilarious how Taipi doesn't get what he wants although one should think he should have Mitsu on a leash.
Bitchy Taipi is love <3

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Thanks! I already have the next couple of chapters planned out, so hopefully I won't take forever to finish this verse!

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Now I can't wait to read the rest ! Yay :)

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Hopefully the next chapter will be finished soon! Thanks for commenting!

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OMFG. When I read the first part, I was sure hell this is one amazing fic. MY KOKORO HURTS. I can't wait for more!! I love their characters, sneaky Kitayama and bratty Fujigaya. PERFECT. SPOT ON. OMG This is amazing <333

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Glad you like this!
Thanks for commenting! ♥

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Nice!!! I like t!!!!! Soooo lsekfpqwjbfpqi

I need more ^^

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Hopefully soon! Thanks for commenting!

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This is so cute :) I like the part when Mitsu surprises Gaya. So sweet of him hahaha Can't wait for the next chapter ^_^ Thank you so much :)

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Fujigaya is totally taken off guard. Thanks for commenting!


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